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Vatic is best known for its classic website designs and its development services are way ahead of its peers. With Vatic’s designs, you are staying ahead of your competitors both in trend and performance wise. Our price factors are very ideal when compared to other competitors. What we do not compromise is the design standards that our web design company in Singapore adheres to. Our designers indulge in creating engaging, exceptional and user friendly websites.


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Folks at Vatic are pundits in website designing and web development in Singapore. We assure cent percent satisfied results for all your web designs and our services range from small, medium to large enterprises. Our prowess as E-commerce designers have earned us a lot of name and fame that drew 100% contented clients. Online is the blooming era where businesses are being boosted to hail everywhere in the air from a landmark town to global audiences. Ecommerce bringing in more sales that pitch higher ROI, so both B2B and B2C operations can be exercised with the e-tailing way.



SEO’s are the most important marketing strategy for every business. A brand gets visibility in the search engines by applying various optimization techniques that in turn attracts more visitors. Vatic does plethora of SEO operations such as link building, on page and off page optimization, creation of meta tags and the most crucial part, content writing with digital marketing. We also use Google’s latest algorithm to the websites and SEO tools like Google Webmaster tools to build enriched traffic for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.



Social media marketing lets your website receive tremendous attention from various people or organisations through the many social Medias. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Stumble Upon etc. are those powerful tools that play an efficient role in the promotion of various organisation or groups or campaigns. The current generation’s marketing platform is the social media or the digital revolution that proves a concrete platform to promote one’s products. Using our strong marketing presence, monitoring and managing online marketing, we deliver impeccable service for the client’s products.



Mobile responsive websites give greater access to millions of users. Globally people surf on the internet through mobiles as the primary medium. That is why we create responsive websites that can fit from desktop to mobile screens accordingly. Responsive sites are user-friendly and increase user interaction steadily. Our well designed responsive websites receives notable recognition from visitors.


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You have lot of ideas. But do not know how to execute? We have hands on experience on custom applications that can transform your unique idea into web applications. We give substantial attention to details so that we deliver excellent customer oriented applications with every specifications clearly visible. Our ingenious developers construct customized applications like video portal, online booking, portals that offer deals and much more. We have functional and flexible websites in our cart.

Complete IT solution


We provide services that range from web designing to development to SEO processing, online marketing at feasible billing. All these fall under a package of premium combo that hardly is offered by other companies. Vatic as a team are competent of delivering high-end-user results and strives to cover all aspects of the unexplored as part of the project ethic. Singapore recognizes us, Vatic as distinct web designers it can provide to its people and to others.

Contemporary and Innovative


Everything creative and new has good remarks. So does Vatic. We design websites that are customizable for the business ends. We also craft informative sites, corporate or Ecommerce websites and all other trending business means that can be given a digital kick. Our solutions cater to the needs of today’s requirements by business leaders and to tech giants. Along with these, we code exceptional content that becomes an add on advantage for any online platform. Creative and compelling content enhances the core potential of any site and that’s Vatic is subjected to.

In- House Designers and Developers


Vatic higher differently. We don’t outsource our projects. We recruit website designer in Singapore who highly skilled and out of the box thinkers who stay up to the date with the trend and the designs. These extraordinary folks have helped Vatic to produce deliverables on time aligned with no communication gap and absolute designs.